Thursday, January 3, 2013

Esther's 4th Christmas Season, Plus Surgery on Monday

Esther had a wonderful Christmas season.  She loved all the fun activities.  She was, however, getting very tired of not going places.  We've been keeping her home to try to prevent her from getting sick.  And so far it's worked!  She loves to go places, so this was a hardship for her.  She would see someone getting ready to go, and she'd get her coat and boots on and get so excited, but end up crying when she was not taken with.  Poor Esther.

So here are some photo highlights of her enjoying the season:

Esther loves to help fill my vitamin organizer.  Elizabeth helped out this time!

Esther frosted one cookie and then went to eating all the chocolate chips!

Esther and Carese opening gifts!

Esther got lots of help opening her gifts!

Esther loves to play in the snow - we even had a white Christmas this year!

Esther loves to pretend to shoot guns, so this gift was a hit
- only problem was that she loved to aim at her daddy, and she had good aim!

She loves the snow, did I tell you that?

Monday we head down to Seattle Children's Hospital for Esther to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.  Please pray that everything will go well and that she'll be home again quickly.

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