Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Esther's a Big Sister!

On March 14 Esther became a big sister!

Esther has had to become a big girl for a while now, as I was on moderated activity due to high blood pressure problems with my pregnancy.  Esther has become a big girl physically - almost 40 pounds now, so I was also having trouble being able to carry her at the end of the pregnancy.  She has learned to do many things for herself now, like putting her own coat on (upside down usually), putting on her own pants (with help), going places walking on her own instead of being carries, walking over small obstacles without stopping and crawling/climbing over them.  She's also communicating better now, using a combination of words and signs  - usually both at the same time!  Her favorite words are "cookie", "thank you", and she's learning to say "Carese", but so far it's just the beginning "K" sound.  She also says "go" (as in "go away, you're bothering me" and "OK" for just about anything.

She had an appointment last month with the ophthalmologist to check to see if her glasses were doing what they had hoped they would (and they are), and Esther was such a big girl there too!  She sat up in the big chair all by herself and did everything they asked of her without one complaint!  All our other appointments found Esther crying and fighting everything.  I was so proud of her!

Esther loves her little sister, Carese.  She asks to hold her (with my help), and will give her kisses and sometimes she sings to her too!  She has never once been jealous, and is content to sit on one side of me when I'm holding Carese, or to lay down in my lap if I'm feeding Carese.  I'm so proud of her acceptance of Carese!

Esther now has new glasses - plastic flexible frames with a back strap - they are working great!  Esther wanted to get weighed too - she's sitting on the postal scale we were using to weigh Carese in this photo:

Esther's next big event will be returning to Children's for her next cardiology appointment.  She's gotten 2 years off from appointment because she was so healthy at her last appointment.  It will be interesting to see how well she handles the echo and EKG.

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