Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Esther has been having an adventurous summer!

She swam at a big lake

She got to go on a Ferry Boat Ride!
Esther and I - having a fun time together!
Esther spending time with her daddy!
What could be better?  Hanging with her daddy and
listening to  live rag time and bluegrass music! 
Esther spent a whole week camping too!
Getting her hair braided at camp.

Esther loving on her little sister, Carese

Getting pulled around in the wagon
And Making New Friends!

We've been slacking on her wearing her orthotic bracess and glasses, but I'm going to be hardcore about them in a day or two - she had outgrown her orthotics and bent the hinge on her glasses, but both of those are going to be available soon!